Sri Lanka Digital Economy Strategy

“Sri Lanka has the choice of being a future player or sitting on the bench of Asia’s growing digital economy boom. Being left on the bench is clearly not a desirable option for Sri Lanka’s vibrant youthful population.”
- “Is Sri Lanka sitting on the bench of Asia’s booming digital economy”, Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies
Technology has reshaped businesses, industries, and economies. It has opened up greater access to the economy for small and medium enterprises, and empowered individuals to become content creators and service providers. The already rapid pace of change we have seen in the past decade is expected to further accelerate in the decade ahead.
Against this backdrop, Sri Lanka must prepare our businesses, workers and people for the digital economy that is upon us. The digital economy will bring new possibilities and opportunities as it transforms businesses, industries, jobs and lifestyles.


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