Awareness Sessions for School Community to Promote ICT Education in school.

Quarterly target-2017( %)
Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
  10% 50% 100%
Project Duration (No of Years)
2 years
Progress in 2017
Cumulative Progress as at end of November 2017 (%)
Key Strategies
Develop ICT enabled education eco system

Assessment, and conduct awareness sessions
To increase the participation of AL and O/L Exams in  IT Scheme
Identification of  requirement, Procurement, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation


Total Estimated Cost (TEC)  2017-2019      Estimate for 2018
(Rs. Mn.)
Output/Outcome based on the KPI
 16.11 13.81 SDG 3- Enhance the Quality Education,  SDG 8 - Enhance Decent Work and Economic Growth