Research and surveys on digital literacy, eGovernmnet and ICT for Development

Quarterly target-2017( %)
Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
 15% 30% 65% 100%
Project Duration (No of Years)
1 year
Progress in 2017
Cumulative Progress as at end of November 2017 (%)
Key Strategies

  Assessment of Sri Lanka’s competitiveness in the ICT sector and digital inclusiveness
To monitor and evaluate strategic intervention for equitable improvement of digital literacy and technologies across various societal segments
Project initiation, Procurement, Conduct survey, Publish survey reports, Research grants, Research Presentation Sessions, Research Journal


Total Estimated Cost (TEC)  2017-2019      Estimate for 2018
(Rs. Mn.)
Output/Outcome based on the KPI
 5 5 SDG 8 - Enhance Economic Growth, SDG 9 - Facilitated Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure