Awareness of Internet of Things (IoT) through use of basic hardware

Quarterly target-2017( %)
Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
 10% 30% 65% 100%
Project Duration (No of Years)
3 years
Progress in 2017
Cumulative Progress as at end of November 2017 (%)
Key Strategies
Promotion and fostering a culture of IoT among key social/economic segments

Provide 2,000 IoT training kits to 100 schools, develop IoT support portal,  teachers trained of IoT.
To popularize IoT and embedded computing among school children, youth and young entrepreneurs
Survey, identification of  requirement, procurement, implementation, Evaluation


Total Estimated Cost (TEC)  2017-2019      Estimate for 2018
(Rs. Mn.)
Output/Outcome based on the KPI
 133 43 The No. of teachers and students aware of IoT and concepts and use of basic hardware modules. SDG 9 - Facilitated Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Job creation for youth