e Grama Niladari (e-GN) Project for Enhance the ICT usage among Grass Root Level Government Officers

Quarterly target-2017( %)
Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
 20% 45% 70% 100%
Project Duration (No of Years)
3 years
Progress in 2017
Cumulative Progress as at end of November 2017 (%)
Key Strategies
Promotion of efficient e-services at grass root level

7,000 nos. 100 nos. DS Divisions, 7,000 nos. Tabs. 7,000 nos. Printers. SW development.
to make computer literacy of grass root  level government  officers.
Survey, identification of requirement, procurement, implementation, Evaluation


Total Estimated Cost (TEC)  2017-2019      Estimate for 2018
(Rs. Mn.)
Output/Outcome based on the KPI
 1530 1330 No. of ICT based Grama Niladhari services started. Infrastructure development  in Rural and Urban Areas SDG 8 - Enhance Decent Work and Economic Growth, Improve the having maintain gender Disaggregated Data System